How to make money gardening

I turned gardeninuk garden resource blog photog into a profitable business and want to discuss with you how I made this happen. This article is not a “how to” step by step guide on what to grow and how to grow it, but I will reveal my biggest secret on how I started making great money within 3 months of starting this business and how you can do the exact same thing. First, here’s a little background about how this all started. I began gardening 2 years ago as a hobby just like most people out there and quickly fell in love with the process and wanted to start doing it full time while making some sweet cash doing it. I thought to myself, Hal, you have some gardening skills but you’re not a pro and in order to make money doing this you need to model someone that’s already in the business and making money. KEYWORD, MODELING. This is my secret sauce that I use in all areas of my life including business, relationships, investing, golf, literally everything. I read about modeling other people and how you can accelerate your results by years and years if you do the same things as someone who is already successful in whatever it is you want to accomplish. They say “success leaves clues”, and boy I’m here to tell you it sure does and modeling others can be the best decision you ever make in your life. I called around to every single person or business that gardens and learned as much as I could from them. I quickly found out what fruits and vegetables to grow during what seasons, what problems to expect and how to deal with them, and what products have the best margins on them. Ya I could have googled all this information but to hear it from local people that have been in the trenches and have adapted their practices according to the weather here in Ohio was something special. You’re not going to get these kinds of insights from the internet and they also offered their help if I ever run into any problems, and those connections my friends, are priceless. Now, you should be doing this kind of research no matter what, but modeling someones exact processes  if you’re going to invest any money into gardening you need to know what your doing and the same is true if you’re starting any kind of business. Within a few weeks I had spoke to about 20 people, wrote out a comprehensive business plan, and was ready to start my gardening business. I will be sharing a lot more detailed information on writing a business plan and more about the monetizing strategies involved in gardening, your return on investment, and a lot more stuff in upcoming posts. Please visit my home page, bookmark it, and stay tuned for a lot more gardening tips and tricks. We can all make 6 figures doing what we love and I will make sure to layout the process for you! We actually had a story recently submitted to us from a retired roofing business owner in Glendale AZ that sold his business to start earning money from his passion, growing fruits and vegetables. If you have an inspiration story, please send it to us here!

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