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If you’re going to invest money into growing a gardening business, you might as well soak up as much information and learn as much as you can about gardening to get the highest return on your business that you possibly can. We’re going to share with you some gardening tips and tricks that are completely “pro moves” in our opinion and if you implement these gold nuggets into your gardening practices, we’re sure you’re going to love the results! Here is a list of our top 5 best moves you can make in your garden that will save you lots of valuable time:

  1. If you’re using clay pots you should know that those things are going to have some salt stored in them that are going to be extremely detrimental to your plants! And according to this article at, you can actually  get rid of the sale deposits if you mix together rubbing alcohol and vinegar into a bottle and spray it on the clay pot, then scrub it with a brush or something firm so you can scrub that salt right out of there!
  2. If you scratch a bar of soap with your fingers, the soap will actually bury in under your nails and can prevent dirt from getting up in there! What?! No more having to scrub under your nails after gardening? Ya, we thought you’d like this one!
  3. If you spray any tools you’ll be using in your gardening practices and they have a spring that is used when the device is working, you can actually spray these parts of the device with vegetable, peanut, or olive oil and it will actually help the tool last for a lot longer because the spring won’t break when it’s lubed up.
  4. If you know what size shoe you wear, you can avoid having to bend over to measure things! Once you take a certain amount of steps, divide it by how many “shoe lengths” it takes to complete 1 foot, divide it by the total number of steps, and you’ve got your space measured perfectly!
  5. If you take an empty pot, you can actually stick it over another pot that has a baby plant in it to protect it from freezing during cold nights. It’s like a warm shelter for the baby plant!

We covered the mindset you have to have in psychology, we’ve taught you how to make money in the gardening business, how to take money in the gardening business, now you have some pro tips for when you actually start getting down and dirty in your garden! We will be covering lots of articles on more strategic methods on certain types of plants and what type of gardening will make you the most money! Please contact us here if you’d have any questions on any of these pro moves we’ve mentioned in this article!

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