How to take money from vendors

There are tons of easy ways to accept payments from anyone who is buying your produce. Most grocery stores will cut you a check or provide you with a company credit card, but if you’re selling at farmers markets the best way to accept payments are to bring a bank with you and just do cash (most people know that’s the only way to pay at farmers markets) but if you want to set yourself apart from your competition, you can purchase a credit card swipe device that plugs right into you smart phone. We just wanted to lay down the basics because we’ve had several questions from our readers regarding accepting payments. Our favorite method of payment is straight up cash because if you do anything on your phone there’s going to be a small fee you have to pay per transaction. If any of you are familiar with paypal, it’s the same type of system. Paypal is actually another method of payment you can accept but we haven’t found a real world situation where we had to resort to this method for selling our produce. So after cash, checks are our second favorite method of payment because there’s no fee’s associated with that. Some might argue that checks are their favorite forms of payment because every time you cash a check it automatically posts to your bank account which makes accounting extremely easy. The credit card payments are also really easy for accounting purposes but the name of the game is maximizing profitability on your mushroom sales or whatever it is you are growing and selling. Thank you for taking the time to read this, it may seem like common sense but if you’re knew at starting a business it’s important to know your options. If you have any questions about accepting payments please contact us here.

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