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Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Have you ever had someone call into your business and ask you how much your product or service costs? What was your response? If you’re like 90% of businesses out there, you simply told them a price and they most likely said, “OK, thank you, we’ll call you back if we’re interested.” Only to never be contacted by that potential customer again. We’re going to cover a few simple steps in this blog post that will help you convert more customers at a higher level and generate more revenue into your business.

The first mistake in the above scenario is not building up enough value before you tell the customer a price. As an example, if you’re selling oyster mushrooms and a customer calls and asks you how much it would cost for a pound of oyster mushrooms, you should say something like this: “Well sir, the question shouldn’t be how much does it cost, the question should be if these mushrooms are suitable to eat for you and your family. See, we only use certified organic compost while most other companies that grow mushrooms use cheap compost that hasn’t been tested or certified. Next, we only use predator mites to kill any insects or bacteria that might negatively affect the plant, while other companies spray harmful bug killing sprays that are very unhealthy to consumer. Finally, we ensure that the mushrooms are kept at a temperature below 70 degrees which ensures that no mold or bacteria can grow on the mushrooms and we’ve found that many other companies let the mushrooms sit at room temperature for hours before they are put into a refrigeration chamber which can allow the mushrooms to grow harmful fungus and bacteria. For our mushrooms, we charge $15 per pound.”

Right away you can see how building up the value in your product before telling a customer the price can be HUGE in converting more sales. I guarantee you that most of your competition is simply telling them a price without telling them ANY information that has any value to the customer which is why you’re going to start generating a lot more sales in your business. When you build up value in your product or service (this applies to anything you are selling) you literally change the customers buying criteria from price to whatever it is you want. In the mushroom example, the customer was simply calling to inquire about price¬†which is what their buying criteria was. When you tell them about the healthy handling of your product and include the steps that you take that your competitors don’t to ensure a quality product, the customers buying criteria shifted from price to quality and you’ve positioned yourself as an expert and they will feel empowered to buy from you. If you start implementing this simple change into your selling process I can guarantee you will increase sales dramatically. One company that implemented this change into their business and had stellar results was Best Mesa Carpet Cleaning. They differentiate themselves from their competition by explaining to the customer that most carpet cleaning companies don’t really clean carpets, they simply move the dirt around. By explaining their process, they close about 70% of customers that call into their business and most of those customers were simply price shopping around. To see some of the informational marketing that Best Mesa Carpet Cleaning uses, you can check out one of their company directory listings here.…

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